The new album ‘FLOTUS’ looks like it’s getting some love review wise so i’m intrigued to check it out.
I only have NIXON and How i Quit Smoking in my collection at home but as they have such a big back catalogue i’m not sure what else to investigate.

So any Lambchop fans on here? What else is essential or if you like put them in order.



Big fan.

Is A Woman is one of my very favourite albums, but I don’t think it’s especially representative of them. It’s VERY low-key and sparse, very much a late night album. Damaged is brilliant. Aw C’Mon/No You C’Mon is a bit of a beast, but each part works as a standalone album.

Every album has something that is brilliant on it, even if the whole album doesn’t stack up. Take “Thriller” for example. Good album, but nothing comes close to being as good as “Your Fucking Sunny Day” on it.

Really enjoying FLOTUS, but they’ve taken a really odd decision to vocoder Kurt Wagner’s voice on all of it. It’s a little bit off-putting, but the songs are still strong, with a couple of mammoth tracks clocking in at over 10 minutes, which is odd for them


Great band. Of the albums I know I reckon I’d go:

  1. Aw C’Mon/No You C’mon
  2. Nixon
  3. What Another Man Spills
  4. OH (Ohio)
  5. I Hope You’re Sitting Down
  6. Damaged
  7. Is a Woman
  8. Mr M

Some might say ACM/NYCM is a bit too slick, but I love it. Steve McQueen is best thing they’ve ever done imho opinion. I dig the instrumental tracks too.

Will defo pick up FLOTUS soon and should really fill in the gaps of their other stuff I’m missing.


I used to be a big fan but I hated Aw C’mon/No You C’mon so much it I couldn’t listen to any of their stuff anymore. Was thinking it might be time to give them another chance as the new album sounds intriguing.


The Hustle is an amazing song, the rest is OK


Looking forward to checking this out. Nixon is one of my all time favourite albums.

As others have said, Is a Woman is exceptional. I’ve always thought how wonderful it is that a band with so many member can make such a quiet low key album. Check out the personnel list!


Steve McQueen is worth the entry price alone, amazing track!


delighted you started this thread, gave FLOTUS a cursory listen on Friday having never heard them before and really enjoyed it. Looking forward to checking out the disser suggestions now


kurt wagner is an actual angel, one of the best people alive.
loving FLOTUS so far, they’ve really tapped into a great sound


Is A Woman initially felt like such a letdown after Nixon. Nixon was such a lush sounding record with these big melodies and then they followed it up with this collection of real downbeat, meandering songs.

I didn’t get it at first and remember seeing them at ATP just after it was released. They were on just after Calexico who had played a barnstormer - the crowd clearly wanted more of that and more of that would have comprised playing songs from Nixon. Instead they played a load of songs from Is A Woman and Kurt kept having to try and calm down a slightly antsy crowd. Eventually the record clicked with me and I now think it’s one of their best.

I can’t get that into Aw C’Mon/No You C’Mon - the songs all work and it’s beautifully played, but there’s just too much of it I think.

What Another Man Spills is the next I’d recommend after Nixon. Maybe a bit too much tremelo guitar over the course of it, but it’s an excellent record.


think I’m the only person that really likes Oh Ohio, maybe cos it was the first of theirs i heard


Crikey… this thread has highlighted how much of Lambchop’s discography I have never heard!

Really enjoying the sound of the new album. For Lambchop newbies its worth checking out Kort - Invariable Heartache - the album Kurt made with Cortney Tidwell.

What do you guys think of the HeCTA album from last year?


Sounds like Bon Iver’s new one but not as good.


Up With People is a perfect, perfect Track One for a mixtape. I’ve not really kept up with them but as said upthread, Is A Woman is worth a listen.


Exactly, pretty much said this in ny review


Listened to it this morning on the way to work. Lovely stuff.


Oh right pal… get back to your stable mate


Listened to a couple of tracks of the new one last night on You Tube. I’m really not sure about those Vocodered vocals, Kurt Wagner has such a great voice it seems a shame to spoil it. However i did think ‘In Care of 8675309’ really was stunning.


really like the albums I’ve heard, but I’ve not explored all corners of their discography and it sounds like I need to.

@crisps have you not heard ‘How I Quit Smoking’?? that’s the best one! I say this even though there are a few I haven’t heard. so, so classic.


Nope! Not heard that or Thriller. Or the new one. Dunno why really. I will rectify!

This thread has made me spin some Lambchop today. Forgot how great I Hope You’re Sitting Down is. You can hear a bit of all the following albums in there. If you’re not familiar with it, I’d defo recommend it.