Lame characters in films


that cunt in the first star wars film who’s obviously in on the Chinese aliens’ invasion:


Doesn’t exist, sorry.


Faramir in LOTR. Sounds like a budget Louis Theroux


this creep


Rafe Spall in Prometheus is about the worst thing ever. Don’t know the characters name, just ‘twat’ probably


they’re all absolutely awful in that film. was hoping they’d all get processed by the end.


Hated him



lay off of faramir

or else



yeah, Jared Leto joker may well be the most lame character of all time.


Have watched Prometheus more times than necessary (like once, right, lolz) and I’ve googled Rafe Spall and i still don’t recognise him :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:


It’s just your brain protecting you


worst character in prometheus

  • noonie whatshername
  • needlessly angry geologist
  • dumb scientist 1
  • dumb scientist 2
  • old guy pearce
  • charlize ‘can’t run sideways’ theron
  • fassbender robot
  • whoever labmonkey is on about
  • idris elba’s accent
  • bloke who looks like skeet ulrich but isn’t
  • fucking christ that film sucked

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So tough. Fassbender gets a pass. They’re all a shower of cunts, mind. Noomi just irritates me, completely irrational. Hate her accent. ARGH.


for me she’d be one of the least worst if it wasn’t for the the fact that her alien abortion is probably the single worst moment in the whole film





glad hans bodied this fucking dweeb


This silly twat (right):


This marzipan cunt.

Basically a god but totally useless.