Lamps that you talk to

amazon make one, google make one.

not interested.

light up, light up
as if you haaaaave a voice



yeah - looks shit

Alright, Art Garfunkel

Really not sure why tech companies are so sure we want to voice activate stuff. I’m happy pressing buttons.

And who the fuck keeps their schedule so detailed that they put “dog coming home” into it?!


Sometime shout at fat Frank when he’s missed a sitter.

like, talking to computer things in general.

don’t want any part of it.

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what if you’re on the bus? i’m not talking to my phone on the bus.

I don’t even answer my phone if I’m on the bus (and neither should you)

I’d never answer your phone in any circumstance, japesy, it would be a gross invasion of your privacy.

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This thread is far less surreal and has far fewer Anchorman gifs than I expected.

I really want siri to progress to the point where it can remind me that if I am in the vicinity of a Burger King before 11am that I don’t like their breakfasts, can never remember myself

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I would much rather press buttons and flick switches than talk to things.

Talking = boring
Fiddling with switches = Great

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don’t care how good it gets, i don’t want to talk to my phone. ever.

can i not set a reminder to do something by pressing a few buttons instead?

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control gloves all the way

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Tom, just use a mouse. You look like a right twat.

Tom would also look like a twat if he used a mouse. This is because he is a magnificent twat.

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I like asking Siri what the Prem football fixtures are the moment I wake up Saturday morning. She says Manchester City like a Manc, ‘Citeh’.

Should probably put this in the ‘things you do to wind up your other half’ thread.