Lana Del Rey 2021

they must be friends of hers.


Well then, her+Antonoff then

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In retrospect I have no idea why I expected this to be a more satirical take on Country Clubs, but I did and Lana’s made me look like a fool. Good tune though.

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Nothing. It has a cover of a song with a sample from Slow and Low on it (hence why that list of credits is misleading)

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Took me a minute but got there in the end…

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March 19th according to Facebook

That Beasties credit is because of a sample in the original Doin Time that was theirs from Slow And Low, although i’d have thought they took it from somewhere else but who the F knows

My birthday!

As far as satirising the country club world goes, if she doesn’t have a song where she breaks into an arsenal, steals some mustard gas and then attacks a country club full of rich white Republicans with it, then she isn’t going to clear the bar set by the Dead Kennedys…

I discovered over Christmas she did the last Charlie’s Angels movie theme tune with Ariana and Myley. I know everyone collaborates with everyone THESE DAYS but I thought it was weird, wouldn’t have thought this would be her sort of thing at all. Doesn’t fit with the carefully cultivated image somehow?

Which year? :wink:



They’re all under the Universal Music Group banner

They all have different images - Lana may be “more credible” - hate that phrase yuck- but I dont think she would consider Miley or Arianna beneath her and even if they were she probably had little to no say in the matter as it could be contractual obligation.

It ‘works’ though, i thought. They have to slow the whole thing down for Lana’s bit which i thought was hilarious.

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Her bit was the only part of the song I liked (and I’m a massive Ariana fan)

I didn’t quite get the controversy of what she said, was one of those things were you just heard it and you could see what she was trying to say but, she was making a meal of it. I found the random one about the album cover worse tbh.

I actually just checked whether the copyright might have ended. Fucking hell

The copyright for Porgy and Bess was registered under the Copyright Act of 1909 for an initial term of 28 years. The copyright was renewed for an additional 28 years, expiring in 1991. It was extended for another 19 years by the Copyright Act of 1976, and slated to expire in 2010. However, Porgy and Bess was still under copyright protection in 1998 when the Sonny Bono Copyright Term Extension Act was passed, and was granted an additional 20 years, for a total of 95 years.

Barring a change in the U.S. Copyright Law, “Summertime” will not enter the public domain in the U.S. until 2030.

Reading the law on Wikipedia it states

life of the author plus 70 years and for works of corporate authorship to 120 years after creation or 95 years after publication

So I guess this comes under Corporate Authorship. Presumably that means multiple authors rather than corporations unless they decided to form a corporation.

Either way, it’s really fucked how grasping the copyright laws are and also the fact stated in the Wiki page that basically it was about stopping Mickey Mouse entering the public domain, which is now due 2024, so I figure Biden’s administration will be rolling in some brand new law to extend it again.

Agree about the cover thing of ‘rappers’ being far worse

She’s doing it here too and I listened to a bit of the Radio 1 thing and read the quotes and felt it there too. She just has real issues with putting a point across. There’s a lack of clarity or possibly it’s too little focus. Either way, she doesn’t do herself favours by talking about stuff.

Equally not sure what she could have done really in that interview. She was asked specific questions.

Has she always done videos like this? I always pictured her being aloof and hiding behind the character rather than doing leave Britney alone style confessionals.

Do quite like the shade of “Complex and other bigger magazines”

addicted to this, listening to it multiple times a day