Lana Del Rey (rolling thread)

Norman Fucking Rockwell
Mariners Apartment Complex
Venice Bitch
Fuck It I Love You
Doin' Time
Love Song
Cinnamon Girl
How To Dissapear
The Next Best American Record
The Greatest
Happiness is a Butterfly
hope is a dangerous thing for a woman like me to have but I have it

When’s this out then?

August 30th.

Good to see she’s still slowly digging through that ever-expanding pile of ‘unreleased’ stuff (Next Best American Record).

Glad also to see the pre-release stuff has all been compiled especially Doin Time which i wasn’t expecting and the last track which despite its apalling title, might just be the best thing she’s ever done.

has she just discovered swearing or something

No she loves a good swear


Looking forward to this, had Venice Bitch on loop when it came out ages ago, loved it.


That’s Jack Nicholson’s grandson btw

Wicked title wasted on that shitty album cover

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Yeah the hand on the cover is giving me a vibe of 3D posters and comics

The text looks way more like Roy Fucking Lichtenstein than it does Norman Fucking Rockwell. I’m looking at it and thinking I must be missing something but I don’t know what.

Guessing that first song isn’t a Malcolm Middleton cover


That cover deserves to be in the 2019 terrible album covers, frankly. It’s making me feel weird just looking at it.

I only learned she was on the new Cat Power album (Wanderer I mean) thanks to the Song Exploder we played in the car a few months back. “Fuck It I Love You” actually sounds really similar in style as Wanderer and that track. I found the Fuck in the chorus very jarring, which I guess was the point maybe, but not really sure I’m ever going to be a fan of hers then.

Lana Derek Rey


Sadly not


Can’t believe how much The Greatest has that Rutles-y Cheese And Onions flavour

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Still freaks my nut out to this day that she’s covered Sublime


I haven’t listened to any LDR since the first album (which I really liked), what’ve been the highlights?

I thought as soon as I heard Hope Is A Dangerous Thing… that it was the best thing she’s ever done and this new ranking of all the official songs agrees

The Greatest, Fuck it I love you and Cinnamon Girl on this album and none of them a cover. Are there any others on there with titles from well-known songs. I wonder how many other albums have this? Never thought about it before!