Lana del Rey vs Radiohead


Bit rich given Creep rips off the Hollies.


(And the replies)


Lana del Reydiohead


:smiley: wow

100% is silly though, dunno how they can defend that


Video Games is better than anything Radiohead have done


Drums in this for a start


Not really a fair fight tbh, there’s more of them


Feel like Radiohead should not do this. But yeah they sound the same


Lana Del Radiohead


Video games vs video tape





Obvs I love Radiohead but lawsuits like this are pretty much always bullshit, rite?


Is this a B-Side from The Enemy’s 2nd album?


Is it really any more blatant than All I Need/Roygbiv?


Lana del Rediohead


Maybe the out of court settlement on the original Creep forces them to sue anyone else who rips it off?

Dunno, Lana Del Rey is shit from what I recall of her Instagram filter debut album, so I can’t really muster any caring here.


I mean so far I’ve only managed to make it halfway through before being reminded we were watching Harry Potter and I should be paying more attention, but thus far it sound like she decided How Do You was no way to follow that song, rewrote the outro to Creep and actually made it go somewhere. All rather detrimental suing, given music’s history for repetition. Imagine the first person to write a twelve bar blue, sued…


I think Born To Die and Paradise and Kid A and In Rainbows are all good, but the rest of what each of them has done is boring, and they both have weird overly enthusiastic fanbases. So in many ways they’re pretty much the same as each other, fitting for them to have a song the same. I will say that LDR had better hair and clothes than any of the Radioheads though.




What is motivating the radiohead heel turn this last year? Is it closing in on their 50s?