Lana del Rey vs Radiohead




You have obviously got a lot more information about this than anyone else so I’ll bow to your wisdom here.

Like I say, if it’s driven by people other than Radiohead that makes sense. (Holidays aren’t an excuse for not responding to shit that makes you look bad these days, though.)


It’s not just the lawyers though, cos LDR weighed in.


Phil… who spent 17 years working on the Samaritans’ helpline? Yeah, what a bastard


They didn’t divorce (never married), his long term partner passed away.


Oh shit, why did I think it was a divorce? Entirely my mistake there, didn’t know this was the case. @moderators can you edit/remove my post please?


Why should one of the biggest bands in the world (who’s peak has passed no less) care about looking like dicks? They’re just as much part of the mainstream furniture as anyone else, they’re just better at it than most


Because they’re human beings and particularly because as a group they’ve gone out of their way not to be mouthy Noel Gallagher types and instead promote activism and generally try to live under the radar of exactly this sort of controversy, however minor it might be.


They’re also incredibly savvy business men who have fought for their little corner in this inherently capitalist microcosm society and can be both (Also it’s not like they need to fear losing their legacy)


Anyone can lose their legacy. Part of business is knowing which piracy legal fights to make.



So Radiohead own their own publishing rights? Well, this puts an entirely different complexion on the matter, the posh cunts.


I didn’t know about this either. I’ve just checked and she died after they split up so I wouldn’t feel too bad.


People aren’t going to stop listening to Radiohead because they noticed LDR ripped them off


Post removed as requested.





Honestly I dunno. I assumed that was what they bought back from EMI etc but music publishing is weird…


I’ll be honest with you theo, I don’t understand how all this song publishing stuff works, i’ve just noticed in previous cases like this it’s often the owner of the publishing rights that pursues this rather than the artist (Bittersweet Symphony is one that comes to mind).


This all just makes me so gosh darn angry


Think Andrew Loog Oldham was a well known litigious gut but also it was his orchestration of the Last Time by the Stones that was re-record Ed for Bittersweet Symphony


Copyright infringement requires copying of the protected work (banal point, but bear with me for a minute). If Lana Del Ray did copy Creep, it would likely be a recording of it rather than, say, the original sheet music (assuming it exists). So the only party able to credibly claim copyright infringement is whoever holds the rights to the recording - typically the publisher - rather than the author.