Lana del Rey vs Radiohead


The entire melody for Bittersweet Symphony IS a refrain from the orchestra version of The Last Time that Andrew Loog Oldham did in the 60s. The Verve didn’t technically write any of the melody for that song. They sampled it and looped it. Same as what Eminem did with Stan and Dido etc. (except Eminem was a bit more up front about it).


If there’s one thing I like it’s legal precedents in case law - which Spandau Ballet track? (Actually does this relate to True and Set Adrift on Memory Bliss by PM Dawn?!)


I’m not overly familiar with their oeuvre, but I’m pretty sure there’s a case about a saxophone solo and whether or not its presence on a song merited a writing credit or not.


I assume and hope that the verdict of the courts were that it didn’t.


From memory I don’t think it did, but that it could have if it formed the core of the song.


It didn’t in the case of Baker Street. The saxophonist (Raphael Ravenscroft) died a few years back and the obits mentioned he got paid £50 or something for that session and nothing else (apart from performing royalties). Gerry Rafferty (also now dead) gets sole writing credit on that lad, but the saxophonist probably didn’t ask for one. As was the style at the time.


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Bob Holness was well known for his modesty.


Remember radiohead?
You know… creep
Wasnt that a Lana Del Rey song?


It’s partly because how complicated copyright is and how many different copyrights subsist relating to a single piece of music - there’s separate copyright in the written sheet music, the lyrics, and each different recording. The Verve were sued twice by two different rights holders - the second one was the owner of the recording (the “mechanical” bit).


Teh Radiohead: Creep is crap. We disown it.
Lana Del Rey: I’ll take it!
Teh Radiohead: Gimme money.


The song is quite nice and has enough differences. Didnt she offer radiohead 40% of the royalties? That seems fair. They are not the same song the chorus is significantly diffrent. As is the tone.


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I heard she’s readying a cover version of My Iron Lung as a response


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