Lana del Rey vs Radiohead


Does have some major drawbacks though. I remember reading about some random bloke who made a habit of hoovering up the catalogues of bankrupt folk labels in the 70s (I think Trailer was one of them). The fucker kept the publishing rights, but refused to release any of the albums. Thanks to the wonders of watertight record industry contracts, every artist therefore got shafted. Nic Jones was even in a career-ending car crash and the bastard still didn’t release them. :frowning_face:


The plot thickens


UPDATE: “Oh no, wait. We did… sorry…” Radiohead clarified in a swift follow-up statement, “Hey, we didn’t release an album called Amnesiac for nothing!”


OH MY GOD was this just patter all along?! Amazing move from LDR if so


Maybe Radiohead are doing one of their innovative release things for a reissue of Pablo Honey. Rag and Bone Man is going to borderline plagiarise Lurgee next week.


No wait I’ve got a better one

They’re deleting all their ongoing lawsuits which is a clue that TKOL2 is imminent


Theo will be feeling silly right about now!


Bet Craig Nicholls got excited when he saw GET FREE trending on twitter.


as if he even knows what twitter is. he’s been sat in his pants eating jelly and watching spongebob squarepants for 12 years


He’s most likely asleep but I’m sure he felt it


Wake up @1101010


Read that as “Ricky Martin.” Would love to hear Thom and the lads take on She Bangs.


Basically been done already


Nah, I caveated up there that if this, were the case then it was different.

Seems a bit odd not to have said anything earlier.

It’s all the other haters who need to think hard :grin:


TBF it feels like no one allowed for the possibility that Lana Del Rey was just lying about the whole thing :joy:


Chill bros once again


Again though, is taking two days to reply to something you aren’t really arsed about really that long?


We already had this conversation up there mate. Feel free to re-read it. It’s still in play.


haha what a mess


every song ever written has been influenced by other songs, this lawsuit is a joke