Lana del Rey vs Radiohead


influence is fine, straight copying isn’t


I strongly disagree, it completely stifles creativity to limit what can and cannot be done in this way, deprives the world of songs. The chorus is different, the lyrics are different, the melody isn’t identical, she has made it her own, it is a new song. There is only a finite number of chord progressions, radiohead weren’t the first to use and it and shouldn’t be the last.

Always liked the Joanna Newsom lyric “This is an old song, these are old blues.This is not my tune, but it’s mine to use.” that is the way it should be.

I would accept it is different if it is a small act who can prove another act ripped off their song and it was a hit (like it can be proved that they heard it, played shows together, demos were sent or something), because that is quite unfair. But a song as big as creep, no that is part of shared culture now.

Also I hate radiohead


mate it’s exactly the same


it literally is a joke!


replied before I got to the end of the thread didn’t I


I enjoyed it all the same, you are a spicy beast it seems!


I work with a guy who makes outrageous false boasts for attention, nobody ever believes him, I bet his absolutely kicking himself that he never thought of “them Radioheads have only gone and sued me! I told them I’d give 40% but Tom himself said bollocks to that he wants the lot”.


being a contrarian, I disagree, the chord progression is the same but the combinations of chords are finite, radiohead weren’t the first. The vocal melody does differ, there are a few bits where it overlaps but I don’t think someone should have to avoid singing the notes that naturally fit. The bit to me that seems most distinctively creep like is when that last chord switches from being major to minor and the vocals that follow it, because that is relatively unusual, not like super rare or anything but most of the time a chord won’t do that, but I think it is a fairy standard old-timey move. Think of all the early rock n’roll songs that all have the exact same progression and similar melody, 90% of surf music is pretty much variations on the same few things. This should be embraced, music should be a communal resource, progressions and melodies should be things people can draw upon to express themselves to make something old new. No one should be able to stake out ownership in this way

I honestly believe people should be able to play the same chords and sing a similar tune to creep, and it be considered something new


obviously a bit moot given radiohead aren’t doing this, but in principle


*Think of all the early rock n’roll songs that all have the exact same progression and similar melody (not to creep but to each other)


It’d be funny if the Radioheads said she was a bit of a creep and a weirdo for doing this

and then Phil starts making vines of himself outside the courthouse saying “what the hell am i doing here? we didn’t actually arrange this”

and obviously Jonny gives them a retweet doesn’t he cause of all the Radioheads he is the most receptive to Phil’s antics


And yet millions of songs are made where people don’t go, “Oh man, that one is definitely ripping off this one”, so finite or not, it isn’t affecting creativity in general.

I do refer you to my post back up in the thread here about the problems with copyright:


I’m with ttf here


rare combination of words


yeah it is possible to make something that sounds new, but don’t think people should be limited to having to do that, they might come up with something and then realise it is based on something else so shouldn’t just abandon it, they might straight up set out to make something similar (really feel like most people who make art start out because they like something and want to do something similar and eventually some develop their own style, so don’t think that desire is something that should be discouraged), both of these things are valid in my opinion.

Being strict with ownership doesn’t eliminate the ability to be creative, but anything that limits what can and can’t be done should be avoided in my book


What are you going to do to anyone who plagiarises your book?


i’d say ‘its your book now’


Lana Del Rey has absolutely done us all like a kipper


Unless it’s Radiohead who are doing all the lying?!

Lana Del Radiohead:

  • She has bad people advising her
  • She has good people but dead ears, mate
  • She was totally lying
  • Warners are fucking with everyone

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