Lana del Rey vs Radiohead


I do not have enough information. Maybe it was a publicity stunt. Maybe radiohead quitely pulled away the claim when they saw the PR.

Personaly I think its most likely a confusions. With perhaps radioheads team stating the copywrite in order to protect it but not acting it. Then lanas like ‘you can have 40%’ and Thoms like ‘I dont want 40 percent’ so Lana thinks ‘oh shit this is about to get real!’

So moral of the story should be dont talk about this crap in the media. Or maybe actaully do so. Its all publicity. Creep has probably got more streams/sales this Lana song probably has. Then maybe some one like me, who isnt familiar with Lana’s work, has a listen and likes it. Encrouging them to take a closer look at her stuff.


As for copywrite I only believe copywrite should be used when you are monetizing or taking credit for someone elses song.

These arnt the same songs. They use the same chored progression but they create diffrent songs. The chorus is diffrent. The tone is completely different. I would put it doen as a pastiche or homage and Im okay with that. (I know she herself denies it but she would say that if she thinks she is going to court)


Sure there is a line you cant just replace the lyrics and claim you have an orginal novel song. But nobody is going to confuse Lanas song as Creep from The Radioheads.

Maybe a punching up/down system should be implemented in copywrite. Creep is a huge mass selling song. Its hard to argue that Lanas song would badly impact on creeps profits. If anything it would increase them. But if Creep was some unknown song by sone broke artists I might be a little more uncomfortable with that.


It wasn’t a remotely serious poll. No one has a clue what’s happened basically.


hail to the ttf


It isn’t completely baseless though is it, they haven’t denied there have been discussions, just that they never demanded 100% (unless I’ve missed a development), reckon these things happen behind closed doors and their people could have been taking a hardline but because they haven’t formally demanded it in any legal action sense so they are denying it. Not saying this is the case but is a possibility, at the moment it is Lana’s word against theirs.

It is possible I am being affected by my anti Radiohead bias



They also explicitly denied a lawsuit.


This is the same as the Pitchfork article isn’t it?


Reckon it was probably initial correspondence and maybe a letter before action, i.e. stuff that you need to do before filing a case, and some combination of LDR and the media not knowing the difference.


they haven’t denied discussions had been had, they haven’t filed a law suit, I don’t think Lana’s tweet suggests they had just that she is willing to go to court over this if needed


Oh wait she did


Still think it might come down to quibbling over them threatening a lawsuit vs officially filing one, yeah sure they can deny the later if they hadn’t actioned it yet but don’t think that would invalidate her view if they had been threatening it


Fucking hell, mate.


My views on Radiohead cloud my thinking. they have denied filing a lawsuit, have they denied threatening it though? If they had, and she had refused their demands and thought it was coming then I still don’t think it’s that bad for her to mention ‘lawsuit’


Reckon once it all comes out it is just going to be a technicality that they hadn’t actually filed it yet, not that they were never going to, that is my hunch. Maybe this was a strategic move by Lana to preempt that, in which case go Lana


Warner Chappel are the people involved. As such I don’t think Radiohead can even say ‘no’.

It’s pretty sad you hate Radiohead as a group of people TBH. Not really seen them ponce around the media like Bono etc.


Dunno, their ticket prices are indefensible


They’re more expensive than other similarly high profile bands?

I mean it’s true their Victoria Park gigs were pricy but they were free of adverts and in the case of the old Tent Tour they had a bespoke tent setup.

High ticket prices is a standard in these days of low album sales returns.


Fair point