Lana del Rey vs Radiohead


So this explains the content claims against very specifrc sections. I’ve learnt so much in this thread, thank you whoever started it.


Yep, spiders innit


NosJordamus himself.


I think YouTube’s system for this is called Content ID. You upload your copyrighted media and they automatically do the scanning for you to identify matches.


And then @JohnM the copyright holder can just stick adverts on top of your video to monetise it, it seems.

I did a spoof GoT trailer where I stuck a Lizzo track on top. I claimed to YouTube it was parody/fair use and they said, “Okay, well you won’t mind if Lizzo’s record label stick ads on it and collect the cash” and I said, yeah sure. (this one FWIW

Facebook has the same system. Interestingly it can’t yet work out visuals are copyrighted automatically otherwise I’d have been pulled up on the fact it was also video owned by HBO!






Shame they’ve gone full tory tbh.

Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke appeared agitated by the protestors, according to fans in attendance. Prior to the band’s performance of “Myxomatosis”, he repeatedly exclaimed, “Some fucking people!” while staring out into the crowd. He was also caught giving the middle finger.


Didn’t he do this at Glastonbury (not sure if it was before myxomatosis) as well? Sure I remember it


Wait this is an old link!


Yeah it’s from last summer and the some fucking people thing is clearly part of the build up to the song but other than that I can’t see radiohead recovering from this one


i just got the blue ok computer re-release as well. devastating.

some fucking people.


(1) Just because someone sued you doesn’t mean you can’t sue someone else.

(2) It’s acknowledged that only a certain part of Creep, viz. the bridge part, copies the Hollies song, the rest being written by Radiohead, and I think the original part is what Lana del Rey has ripped off.

(3) The latest report quotes Radiohead as saying they have not sued her, they have been in discussions seeking songwriting credits. There is a difference. It appears the original report was somewhat of a media beat-up.


Check out this awesome cover of The Middle by Jimmy Eat World:


Warner-Chappell confirmed they were looking for a writing credit for ALL writers of Creep.


Also you’re replying to a 5 day old post so before we knew the details FWIW


This is why I said to close this thread!!!


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Living up to the title I gave you, eh? Fricken cops


Sorry, I’m new to the forum; I thought I was at the end of the thread when I posted the reply.

Anyway, I can’t see that that’s worse than posting something that has nothing to do with the Lana del Rey/Radiohead thing, like some other people have done.