Lana del Rey vs Radiohead


I’d have thought instances like this can increase plays of the ‘original’ artists’ songs, leaving everyone better off.


Except anyone who actually listens to either song.


They do sound exactly the same.


*The Creep


How do these things come about?
Like who from Radiohead is digging this stuff out and filing a lawsuit? Theres just so many songs out there and this isn’t one in the charts, is it?

Also, it’s exactly the same. How did she not realise she is singing radiohead


Their label’s lawyers, I guess?


I’d guess it’s Radiohead’s publisher (Warner Music I believe) that has spotted this or had it brought to their attention and is pursuing LDR rather than anyone in Radiohead themselves.




I thought that Radiohead would have come out issuing a statement saying it wasn’t them making them look like chill bros while simultaneously pocketing cash in a win-win scenario by now



Pretty sure that’s what he’s getting at


That would be logical. This thread is the first I’ve heard of this so didn’t know they hadn’t said anything (I didn’t read the article in the OP of course). It’s nearly always the publisher that instigates things like this rather than the composer. If I remember rightly, this is exactly what happened in the Air That I Breathe/Creep case, the Hollies saying it’s not us, it’s the publishers.

Maybe Thom’s working on a big statement where he can somehow blame Spotify for it?


Oh, I’ve made that up about the Hollies because they didn’t even write The Air That I Breathe.


Albert Hammond Jr’s dad did!



(Not sure either artist is coming out of this well right now)


It might not have been inspired by it, but it is it.


The verses are pretty much identical in every single way tbf.


A mate of mine pointed out the similarity between ‘High And Dry’ and Prince’s ‘Slow Love’. Apparently Radiohead had to pay him bunse but a non-disclosure agreement was signed. Thieving bastards.


also that’s one of their worst songs


these songs aren’t that similar guys, please listen to music better!


I heard they had to pay off Los Del Rio due to similarities between Idioteque and Macarena.