Lana del Rey vs Radiohead


case closed!


doesn’t sound the same to me


Is this song even making any money if it’s not a single tho? If nothing else it seems a bit of a waste of resources to go after something of so little consequence, if it was massive I could see why they’d be doing it.

By and large though, fuck these plagiarism cases.


If only there was a title we could use to distinguish him


Lana Del Rey


It seems so weird to be doing it for an album track off someone who doesn’t sell a great deal anyway, but I guess by doing this they’re futureproofing if it gets picked up for a film/TV/cover version/whatever in future.


Not that similar tbf


they may not be as skint as you might think!


'Let Down’s verses have more than a passing resemblance to those of ‘Purple Rain’ IMO.


She should just swap out the current version for a cover version of the song by The Vines instead


Because why not?


You are an oddball!


We’re peas in a pod, maaaaaaaaaan. All-time (Internet) Dogs.


It’s not a good one of Prince’s too.

Honestly, fuck Radiohead. Massive Tory WANKERS. Haven’t been fucked with their music in a long time and now I’m minded to never listen to them again.


hard to know whose decision this was I guess. Also let’s not pretend Prince wouldn’t have sued the shit out of anyone.

Still though yeah it’s a shame Radiohead turned out to not be great people


I’m a huge Radiohead fan and I don’t think this is lawsuit worthy. I think it’s one of those things where “Creep” is the “definitive” song with that chord progression, so when you hear another song with it you’re kind of led into anticipating Creep’s melody whether it’s there or not. There are some similarities, sure, but it’s different enough and it’s used differently.

Plus there are countless other examples that are much more glaring, that everyone is completely fine with.

I’m also uncomfortable with all of these lawsuits because 90% of people don’t have ears and think things like Scott Weiland and Eddie Vedder have identical voices and that STP and Pearl Jam have identical styles of music.


guys this isn’t that important


Prince would have sued everyone, along with his label, Warner Brothers, who would have been even worse for it.

Got the feeling that Colin Greenwood is probably nice but that the rest of them are posh boy cunners.


Jonny seems nice from his Adam Buxton podcast appearance


Jonny might be nice too, maybe Ed too! Definitely not Phil and definitely definitely not Thom.