Lana del Rey vs Radiohead


I don’t know any of them so can’t really comment.


Neither have I! (Though I will someday.) I’ve read too many interviews to not have an opinion now though.


I think they all usually come across fairly well apart from Thom


can’t think of anything they’ve done that’s outwardly that bad and I imagine they’re no posher than the average DiSer. Don’t read their interviews but I imagine their biggest crime is being pretty sanctimonious which ain’t too bad in the music world


Bam man, they’re a bunch of poshos (which is fine). I just couldn’t be arsed listening to any pronouncement they make. They know how to look after their money, which means they can employ accountants which makes me instantly distrustful of them.




So you’re saying “they’re successful, fuck em”?


… carles?


Maybe, I guess they were a gateway into leftist and environmentalist thought for a lot of people around my age and were the only band I was aware of with a political stance before I was 18 or so, it’s sad if they have lost that but defintely don’t think they are Tory.


I think Thom comes across well when he’s not facing the press TBH. That video of him and Nigel Godrich giving advice about love to teens or whatever is a good example of this.

Dunno, I think this isn’t a good look for them. It’s a shame they refuse to make a statement because it’s hard to taken anything away from that apart from: DICKS.

The Israel thing is still hanging in the air too and there also I feel like the statement regarding it was more depressing than actually them deciding not to follow BDS.




They’re definitely posh, I knew a guy who went to the same school as them and it’s the poshest place in the world - founded in the 1200s, latin motto, all that shit. Having said that, he was probably one of the nicest people i’ve ever met, still really good mates, definitely not a massive tory, so I wouldn’t jump to conclusions about RH either just cause their school cost a lot.


I’ll preface this reply by saying this is a ridiculously nitpicky thing and fundamentally makes little difference but…

This thread makes me realise I don’t really know if ‘posh’ is a universal term. Like in my view posh implies you are a member of the upper-class, you have expectations of being in charge and think badly of those of a lower class. Boris is definitely posh.

I don’t think any member of Radiohead exemplifies this although. They’re activists and while they have RP accents and (some/all?) products of public school systems they are Generation X so really they’re actually classic middle-class from the time before Thatcherism and Blarism fucked the younger generation completely. Which obviously means they clearly come from a privileged background and very likely have varying streaks of paternalism they aren’t even aware of.

As I say, none of this matters exactly: they are privileged, I just think ‘posh’ implies a sort of truly awful person that they aren’t.


Everyone knows that was Adam Rickitt!


Have they “refused” to make a statement about the Lana Del Rey thing? It came up two days ago and it’s being driven by Warner Music right? I’d be surprised if they were able to stop it happening. Either way he’s probably less arsed than most people in this thread


He being “Mr Radiohead” Tom York


I hope they, (they being The Radiohead), come on stage in front of a sold out audience, start the first few chords of The Creep and play before riffing out a fat cover of this Lana jam instead.


always wonder if there was an issue with Pilate and Mogwai…


I’m just saying, this isn’t great PR and if you don’t move within two days you’re basically not saying anything.

I actually assumed Warners wouldn’t be involved as Radiohead bought the rights to all their stuff back via XL, didn’t they?

If it’s all still with big publishers then that makes everything very different and I doubt they have anything to do with it.

Either way, being not arsed or whatever: this makes them look like dicks. If it were me I’d actually care about looking like a dick. :upside_down_face:


Maybe he’s been on holiday or just doing something else? It’s an argument between the lawyers of one very wealthy act and another very wealthy act.