Lanch Thread!

I’ve got a pho noodle soup. You?

might get post office chinese

I think I might go for a cuzzer buzzer :burrito:

They’d jacked the price up 25% last time I went in there.


fucking hell WHAT?

£3.99 to £4.99 - I was literally shaking with rage…

Leftovers (cabbage & butter bean linguine)

Soup and a toastie (my favourite lunch)

Going to get the Xmas sub from Subway.

Having a Tesco Turkey Feast sandwich. It is badly in need of a moist maker.

I think it was only the “small” veggie curry options that were £3.99 (large = £4.99). I’ve been paying £5.99 for a large box of rice / ginger garlic chilli chicken :woman_shrugging:

If they’ve whacked a quid on top of that they can fuck off* tho.

*maybe not but I will be sad that my dirty lunch option is a bit more spendy

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20 minutes and no-one’s commented on the typo in the thread title. Poor show DiS.

(Not sure on what I’m doing yet)

I had a gluten free one of these yesterday. It literally crumbled apart in my hands.

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i don’t believe it is a typo


Not sure some of these foods are suitable for lanching.


Just had leftover veggie madras and pilau rice. It’s sorted me right out.

Mum’s homemade soup and bread. Nice change from rice.

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Lightly buttered toast because my stomach is not good rn. Even that is feeling a bit risky tbh.

Leftovers (chickpea cuzza, aloo gobi, mushroom cuzza, rice and chapati)

I believe it is Danny Dyer.