Land of talk


Finally saw them last night, cemented them as one of my favorite bands ever. They’re also one of the only bands I like that no one else seems to have heard of. Criminally underated.


Love the latest album - one of my favourites of the year!

Suit fans of BSS/Feist/Emily Haines - well of course, because Liz has often been involved with BSS!


Said it before but This Town from the new un is track of the year for me,


Love them. Haven’t heard the new album yet though. Hope they will tour the UK soon.


I saw them once about 10 years ago and really liked them but barring the first album have not investigated further. However, a brief listen to the new album has rekindled my interest and I’m waiting it to arrive. (I tried my local ‘record’ shops but to no avail)


Absolutely love the new record. Agree about how underrated they are!