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Finally saw them last night, cemented them as one of my favorite bands ever. They’re also one of the only bands I like that no one else seems to have heard of. Criminally underated.


Love the latest album - one of my favourites of the year!

Suit fans of BSS/Feist/Emily Haines - well of course, because Liz has often been involved with BSS!

Said it before but This Town from the new un is track of the year for me,

Love them. Haven’t heard the new album yet though. Hope they will tour the UK soon.

I saw them once about 10 years ago and really liked them but barring the first album have not investigated further. However, a brief listen to the new album has rekindled my interest and I’m waiting it to arrive. (I tried my local ‘record’ shops but to no avail)

Absolutely love the new record. Agree about how underrated they are!

Good lord this band are amazing. Been revisiting ‘Some Are Lakes’ and it blows me sideways every time.


Love this band. I’ve only got Applause Cheer Boo Hiss and Some are Lakes but I’ve added their newer material to my “listen to this” list!
…I say newer but even that is 2 years old! I’m out of touch!

They’re supporting Wolf Parade on their tour next year but only in North America :frowning:

absolutely love this tune

Street Wheels is a jam. They were great when they supported The Decemberists in 2007, haven’t kept up with the more recent output. Elizabeth Powell is great on the new American Football record too.

There’s no song that I can think of from the last fifteen years that I have loved or listened to more.

I also can never listen to it just once.

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Still think this is one of the best songs of the last decade by the way. Obviously forgot to add it in my best of the decade list mind

New record in Spring, apparently!

(v late to this party I know)

Yeah !

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oh my fuck I love this band

She’s done it again.

The ending omg :star_struck:

Another one delayed until July