Land speed record

Nobody seems to talk about breaking this any more. It was literally all that was spoken about in the 90s.

I think we could do it - 763mph is what we need to beat. Who’s a mechanic?

look, there are loads of us, if we each do 30 mph in our cars and then add it up, we could get well over 763 mph

Real shame about Ant’s 10k PB the other week.

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Reckon I top that whenever an email goes round that there’s cake in the kitchen.

If you’re in your car on a flat (and empty, let’s be careful here) stretch of road, just get up to the top speed, then start jetissoning unnecessary weight. You should be able to hit at least 300mph, which will be a decent base to work from.

Isn’t Guy Martin having a crack at it?

Don’t know who that is, but we can probably beat him.


Educate yourself, Guy Martin is wonderful.

watta guy!

Just imagine if Wolverine went to Cambridge.

I’ve googled him, he appears to be a motorbike man with a fine head of hair.

isn’t the bloodhound jet car thing set to go again soon?

or has that already happened?