landfill indie

when did it start?

For the sake of this list, we’ve defined the “Landfill” era as beginning when Pete Doherty was banned from playing with The Libertines due to substance abuse problems (mid-2003)

They’ve included The Cribs and Arctic Monkeys

neither of the them are landfill

Razorlight are not a good band, but they were in the charts early enough to not be a landfill band

it really started in 2006, The Kooks first album came out in 2006, so after Arctic Monkeys had exploded by getting to number 1

glad we agree

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any band that formed in 2004 or later is landfill cos they formed after indie as a scene got popular

that includes pigeon detectives and the kooks

arctic monkeys formed in 2002, cribs in 2001, Razorlight 2002

the bands that formed in 2004 like the kooks were all at stage school - that’s why they are so bland

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What a shame to have been reminded of Dirty Pretty Things


Genres really don’t matter


Oh good this again. Who cares.


Tip rock
Dump dance

Just seen this on twitter. I don’t get the point of it. Is it just a list of bands who have made the most “landfill indie” songs.

Nice to see 10 years later Vice UK are still getting mileage out of it.

This is going to be clogging up all the socials today isn’t it. :neutral_face:

it’s just anything indie released after 2003

if Arctic Monkeys are landfill indie, The Kooks are raw sewage indie

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It just refers to the post Britpop splurge where managers and labels were signing anyone with a angular guitar riff and a squiffy fringe off the back of Franz Ferdinand and the Strokes success and spotlighted by the nme.
It meant a lot of bands got rushed through with some very poor albums before they were ready. Arctics were a success story of it is anything. Yer Boykillboys and that not so much.


one of those articles that is designed to get people talking and that’s it

obviously Monster and Chelsea Dagger aren’t better than Hounds of Love or She’s Attacted To or Our Velocity. And I’m not going to get angry about it like they want me to.


The funny thing is that they mention The Inbetweeners used Mardy Bum all the time but, the song they always used was Fluorescent Adolescent. (This vaguely sounds like a fucking net spend argument)

Can’t believe Boy Kill Boy or Jamie T aren’t on this very strange list.They give a very weird reason for Jamie T:

“Similarly, we have taken all folk-leaning (Kate Nash, Jamie T), pop-infused (The Ting Tings, Lily Allen), garage rock (The Subways), art rock (Franz Ferdinand) and throwback (The Pipettes) bands out of the running for being too innovative, and therefore not True Landfill.”

immediately puts on I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You


Considering landfill is disposed of quite quickly, it sure lingers around with landfill indie on the music boards of

Probably should be called fossil fuel indie



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Some weird choices, true, but I do think that almost all of those songs chosen are great. Even the bad ones are pretty great. True, a lot of it is down to the fact that I was born in 1990 so was the perfect age for all of them coming out, but I think that even though there was a lot of bad bands, most of them had at least one good song.

is True Landfill is the new Real Music With Guitars

£10 Old Blue Last etc.

Also owned by Vice

Surely greatest landfill indie is an oxymoron? The landfill part just refers to all those awful bands that got exposure on the back of Libertines/Arctic Monkeys etc success. Things like Fratellies and Scouting for Girls. The others are just bands of the 2000s indie scene.


Landfill indie is pish, shoot nu-rave into my veins and let me live