Landlord gripes/Household tasks that need doing

Hello friends. I’m WFH today to be in so my landlord could replace our toilet seat. Just had to Skype into a meeting and he’d left by the time my meeting was over leaving this:

And a text reading: “Sadly the lid broke as we attempted to fit it think it was faulty
We will return at some point with another one, will let u know when”

Now we have a toilet seat but no toilet seat lid.

How is your household situation going?

Your shitter is pretty tight to the wall. Do you ever turd side saddle with your back on the wall?


Not sure that we needed the photo Tone but I really hope yer man comes back with a lid sooner rather than later.

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I’d be lying if I said I’d never considered it, I might also be lying if I said it wasn’t a contributing factor to needing a new toilet seat in the first place…

Front door still needs replacing. Going to kick off about it once the tenancy agreement is renewed next month.

Whole place is a pile of shit, tbf. You’ve made me angry by thinking about it, so I hope you’re happy, Anthony.


A toilet seat costs a tenner. Just buy one and fit it yourself

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Thin end of the wedge if you’re renting.

(Also I’ve bought the cheap toilet seat from Argos before and it’s not a nice experience.)

It’s the principle mate

Is that soft close?

Seems to be mate, whether that’s by design or thanks to incompetent fitting remains to be seen

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I’m going to buy a new shower curtain myself I think. If I ask them to replace it they’ll inevitably get the cheapest one, and the last time I bought the cheapest possible shower curtain it smelled like a beach ball.

I feel like shower curtains are down to tenants rather than landlords? Maybe I’m telling myself this to feel better about the fact we got one ourselves when moving in

There was one there when we moved in but it’s pretty grotty at this point. And like fuck am I going to pore over my tenancy agreement to figure out whose responsibly it is.

Here you go pal:

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Need to paint my bathroom ceiling, probably should replace the bath panel as well. I also have a long-running plan to replace the internal doors of the flat (I’ve posted about that on here a couple of times over the last few years) - perhaps this will be the Spring where that happens.

Reckon that one would last ages, given how infrequently your average Magic player has a shower.

I could do with a new bath panel. Don’t want to make a frame though. I was wondering if I bought one that just happened to be the exact size maybe I could just wedge it in.

I live with my landlord because he’s a mate. As a result I’m in the lucky position of whenever something breaks, it gets fixed quick.

My partner on the other hand is having a mare. With no warning or notice and while everyone was out, her landlord/letting agency came round and ripped out their entire downstairs bathroom including toilet and bath to do some refurbishing. The upstairs shower has been broken for weeks but they haven’t fixed that either. Meaning for the 5 of them there’s one toilet and no bath or shower. They’re not saying when they’ll finish fixing things either.

Easy to forget once you’re not a student, but the way landlords take advantage of student households is fucking ridiculous.

My brother’s basically tiled his. Looks alright.

Calling over your landlord to fit a toilet seat for you is the real issue here tbh

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