Landlord twats #09873645e6788

my previous ones were completely awful and have just directly refunded my deposit so i’m assuming it was not in a DPS scheme.

  • dob em in to the rozzers
  • don’t bother

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anyone ever done it?

sorry i meant a deposit DPS scheme*

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Send a letter to your old address and let them decide, I reckon.

They gave you your deposit back. They sound solid gold.

who? what? eh?

Well presumably they’ve done it again with their new tenants so would just inform them if anyone, you’re golden already tbf.

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to be fair to them, they did not build any sheds


  • Y
  • N
  • shurrup

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am no a grass pal


definitely dob em in, you’ve nowt to lose

probably cba though isn’t it

if you don’t wanna do it eric, i’ll happily pretend to be you and pocket the cash for myself

Also, these deposit schemes all seem way ott. What happened to the good old fashioned if you don’t give my deposit back I will come back and burn the place down?

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Probably not just your landlord, so as far am I’m concerned it’s your duty to report them for the benefit of fellow tennants.

might have been of the same mind but they charged us a cleaning fee, so