Landlords and/or Letting Agents are pricks [rolling]


My landlord is actually really nice but I am sure there are some pricks out there. My old landlord was a prick, I had a room in his house and he used to scream at me when i’d get back late from the pub and wake his dog up. Don’t get a dog then you prick.

Is your landlord a prick?


I’m with a housing association which can be fine (no fees etc) but today marks one calendar month without a fridge or freezer and they are showing no sign of getting us a new one any time soon. Using our balcony as a fridge over Christmas is a great laugh.


Thought my landlord was a prick but turns out - surprise! - it’s the lettings agent.


I’ve always found them alright. Always got full deposit back even though they’d have been well within their rights to knock a load off. Anything was sorted within a day (although I only remember 3 things in nearly 15 years).

Get the impression if you hassle them every week for some bullshit or another, they’ll make you suffer. Obviously there’s the odd rogue.


After I moved in I found out my landlord was actually my personal tutor from my masters, thus instantly ruling out any reference for a return to academia in future


Never had a real one


No. They’re bloody brilliant


Actual Landlord: GBOL.
Associated Letting Agent: off the scale, end-of-level prick.

(Have no idea why this is a reply to rich, sorry…)


I dont think I can bring myself to read the thread in case anyone defends landlords.


Don’t need to worry about letting agents/management company either as the landlords manage our gaff themselves, and they live across the garden from us, so it makes life easier for us if we have a problem. They can hardly dodge us.


My old landlord used to be a member of Chumbawumba. He was a twat and not just because he was in Chumbawumba.


Initially my first reaction was going to be yes, but then I actually thought about it. I only ever had two landlords, three if you include Mrs F’s when I was staying with her for a few months, and actually they were all OK.

First landlord was a builder. House was a bit crap, but he built us an extra shower, and a barbecue which we never used. He let me off a month’s rent when I pretended I’d moved out and gave me a really nice reference.

Second landlord I only saw when he fell out with the letting agent and they tried to pretend that I couldn’t stay there any more. Fairly shit with the perennially leaking roof, but then that was a communal block thing.

Third landlord no problems at all.

All three full deposits back (although on the second one I just didn’t pay my final month’s rent).

In summary, landlords = GBOL and anyone who has a problem with theirs is doing it wrong, or confusing their landlord with a cunty letting agent.


I’m probably going to become a landlord imminently so I’ll be lurking this thread and taking notes…


Don’t become a landlord


I wonder if the people who hate landlords and 2nd home owners generally would change their tune if they could afford to buy more than one property. If I could afford it I would buy a second house, use it as in investment for my kids future.


You shouldn’t buy a house as an investment, you should buy it as a basic requirement for being able to live.


I don’t have much choice tbh. I’m moving abroad for an indeterminate length of time and am not going through the rigmarole of selling my flat until I know I’m not coming back.

Besides, if I sell my flat it will get bought by a BTL investor and they will charge way more than I’m going to. I’m basically Robin Hood.

I’m Rob Inhood.


Mrs Z’s old landlord was dreadful, and the letting agents utterly useless (and blase about the law). It angers me just thinking about them.


My letting agents are great. Cheers.


it would be interesting if there were no private landlords. Where would everyone live if they couldn’t afford to buy. In the thousands of empty council or social houses ?