Landlords and/or Letting Agents are pricks [rolling]

Did they give you 24 hours notice? No? They can fuck off then.

They did, but the text did not tell us that the viewing would be for nearly 50 people.

Fuck. Walk around the house telling everyone the landlord is a prick then.

Estate agent came in to do a viewing while I was doing a big poo. I knew he was coming at some point but that’s just typical isn’t it.

I’m hiding in my gfs flat atm. Can’t hack the awkwardness of any of it.


Moved out of my (unfurnished) flat last weekend - my ex and I installed a nice, not cheap IKEA bathroom cupboard when we moved in as there was no storage in the bathroom at all.

It was attached to the wall and we had to get someone in to install it. We didn’t have the energy to take it apart when we moved so we left it there in the hope that (possibly naively) the housing association will see it as a nice addition to the flat and not charge us.

  • Hosing association will see it as a perfectly acceptable addition and not charge us
  • LOL you’re fucked

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I’m gonna go with: housing association will see it as a nice addition, but charge you anyway.