Landlords and/or Letting Agents are pricks [rolling]

Can you leave a secret note somewhere for the next tenants?


Or drop one round after a few weeks.

Oh yeah thats more sensible… But less fun.

Could write it on the bathroom mirror so it only shows up when steamed up.


Honestly, I’m genuinely more inclined to warn any potential tenants ‘do not live here unless you like hearing belligerent shouting and really loud shitty honky tonk music at random times of day and night’.

If I had the time, I wouldn’t be adverse to looking up this agency’s other properties and dropping a note through all their doors.

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I’m sold.

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Hope there’s a big bathroom mirror then

(Sorry glad you’re going hopefully somewhere better suited)

I’m kind of more annoyed at the agency than the landlord, they’re just completely useless and I had to get them to redraw the contract because their first attempt was so shit.

I had some neighbours like this once - a couple in their 60s who were quiet all day but they’d get home after the pub shut and put on really loud organ music and start shouting at each other. We were students and supposed to be the noisy ones

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Ha, one thing I’d miss from this place is the nice bathroom with a lovely big mirror.

I would definitely report the landlord and letting agents to the council licensing department (if there is one in his area), just incase they’re also doing the same with other tenants.


A silver lining to all this, at least

(I assume it’s largely driven by Airbnb falling through the floor, and to a lesser extent by renters moving out of London)

According to a statistical analysis by the government-funded Economic Statistics Centre of Excellence (ESCoE), 1.3m people born abroad left the UK between the third quarter of 2019 and the same period in 2020. According to the ESCoE, more than half of those departees were from London, the city hit hardest by rent falls.

(From an FT article today)


I’ve been looking to move recently so have been hovering on Rightmove a lot and the interesting thing is that the vast majority of these Airbnb properties that have been placed on rental are essentially unliveable anyway. If you’re WFH or only part time now, even at a tasty reduced rate they’d be maddeningly small to live in. The housing in London is so, so poor generally but these really take the piss.

Have moved out and received the most over the top and fussy inventory ever.

They’re going to be proper pricks about giving my deposit back, I can just feel it