Landscapers (Sky Atlantic/HBO thing)

Anyone watching, watched or planning on watching? Is good

Planning to watch!

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David Thewlis plays a creepy man incredibly well.


Love Thewlis. Not 100% sold on this show after the first two eps, but will definitely continue with it

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Ah I really liked it. Almost finished e4. Get it’s not for everyone, it has a very unique style and 4th wall breaks, but it’s a good balance between a horrid story and comedy, ala Fargo

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Absolutely loved it, one of the most original programmes I’ve watched in years. Really nice balance of “weird” techniques and really human characters

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I like the cop guy who is always angry and swearing!!

Never thought “I’m going for a fucking sandwich” could be said so angrily!


2 eps in, this is absolutely excellent and very up my street

Why does it keep saying at the beginning that they maintain their innocence? Do they mean innocent from premeditated murder? Becauseeee…

I hadn’t put 2 and 2 together on this. It’s directed by Will Sharpe, who did Flowers, starred in Giri/Haji, and is the director of the upcoming Louis Wain biopic.

(also, I didn’t realise that Alexander Payne was originally slated to direct it)

Just finished it, thought it was fantastic. Easily could have been really irritating but I think it was pulled off really well.