Language learning (tools, tips)


Want to get back into learning Spanish after years of neglect since school.

Any hints/tips? Is duolingo good?


I’ve been using Duolingo for about a year now, and have found that I’ve learned a bit through it, but at a very slow speed. That’s probably because I’m only doing about one lesson a day though. I’ve definitely learned through it and am a big fan of the style of learning, but I think it’s more useful to augment other ways of learning than to rely on it by itself.


i like it. but as the ma0master says it’s probably best used along with something else.

tried it for picking up a bit of norwegian to use on holiday earlier this year (which it wasn’t great for tbh) but have stuck with it because it’s fun. i’m probably at the stage where i need to decide if i actually want to learn and go and get some proper books or just chuck it now.


If you do decide to sign up to classes, I’d recommend:

  • looking at their numbers of students for the year 2/year 3 classes as well. Even in London there are courses that have high numbers of students for the first semester, but then which drop off dramatically until they can no longer afford to run the class in the second or third year.
  • Set aside two consecutive evenings a week to work on it: you need to go over the content of a lesson within 24 hours for it to really bed in.
  • find a class that follows a formal learning programme, so that if you do move city or institution, you can drop in to a new place at the appropriate level.