Lanterns on the Lake - New album (Versions of Us) / general chat etc

Couldn’t see a thread for them and thought they were deserving of one.

Said on the weekly release thread that I think they’ve quietly become one of my favourite bands without me realising it, and having given the latest album multiple listens now I think it’s probably my AOTY already. Absolutely fantastic stuff - really hope they do well from it as I think they’ve come close to calling it a day a couple of times.

On reflection I think every album they’ve released has probably been better than the one before it which is pretty good going 5 albums in - I loved Spook the Herd but I think this is next level. That’s enough gushing for now


Need to give it a spin. They’re a band that means a lot to me, but i tend to find the high points aren’t quite sustained over an album, but the high points are amazing. E.g., Faultlines from Beings is enormous


Yeh, I think I agree with that for the first 3 albums in terms of high points outshining the rest (and yes Faultlines is an incredible tune). For me Spook the Herd was a step up from the earlier records in terms of it really feeling like an album that just worked perfectly as a package in its pace, sequencing and the whole feel of the album and the way it was constructed. But (as raved about above) I think the latest is even better.

Their whole sound is very much up my street but Hazel’s vocals really are astonishing.

I’ll be surprised if I hear a new song I enjoy more than this at any point in the next year:


This is a great session from the Beings era featuring a lovely Twilight Sad cover (Cold Days From The Birdhouse).


I love LotL, and some of the atmospheres and lyrical imagery on Spook the Herd is incredible. Somehow abstract and political but also direct and meaningful. I’ve not listened to the new one yet, it feels worth waiting for the right moment and I’ve not had chance, but very happy to see this thread appear - they deserve more love.