Laptop Keyboard help REDUX

Been using my laptop this morning and for some reason now when I press ‘a’ it comes up with ‘xa’, when I press m its ‘-m’ and more

any idea how to revert back to normal? It isnt an external keyboard

It’s fooked m9


Cheers for the help!

I mean there’s no ‘add random letters’ setting that you’ve accidentally turned on. It needs repairing.

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I’m sure its done something similar years ago but i cant remember how I fixed it then. Going to do a restore and see if that helps

It’s not a 2015-2019 mac by any chance is it?

Nope its an Hp, probably around 2015 though

Circuitry issue though rather bizarre combination of keys. No water or such seep in? Maybe dirty. Normally I’d attribute it to key chatter but those keys are too far apart

Then it’s not what I feared

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I doubt its anything seeping in, I wasnt eating or drinking at the time and a whole bunch if keys went at the same time.

Just tried a restore, issue still is there

It wouldn’t be software tis almost certainly hardware related. For some reason 2 key circuits are completing /closing when you press one key. Might be more hut your keyboard maybe only be able to handle 2 keystrokes at one time

Maybe the membrane is warped and when you press certain parts other parts of the membrane are pushing in far enough to register another key press

Yeah it is quite an old model tbf, but it definitely had a similar issue before which sorted but I really cant remember how

Reinstall keyboard drivers maybe?

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Gonna give that a go, cheers

Haha let’s all laugh at big silly sausage fingers TKC


Does throw it in the canal work for laptops too

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Oh totally, yeah… but then you’ve got to put them in a bowl of rice

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What if the canal is rice

Make u think

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mmm ricecake

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Plugged a USB keyboard in, took it out and my laptop keyboards fixed. Sorted

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