Laptop Purchase - Assistance Required 💻



Given up trying to repair the old one so now looking for a replacement. Any advice on:
Reconditioned or new?
Make / model?
In store or online?



What do you need it for?


If going 2nd hand I’d really recommend cex as they give a two year warranty.


whats your budget?


Usage: basic internet really, no games or anything that specialised
Budget: hopefully less that about £300


If you literally just want internet then consider a Chromebook, you can get them dirt cheap.


Daft (but genuine) question: what else is there that I could use it for? I mean, I do the odd bit of work on it (MS Office, Word, XL, ppt etc) but can’t think of much else…


Games, recording music, design work, video editing, etc.


Video / music editing, heavy spreadsheet work, gaming, running a business, a media centre - all sorts.


If you want to use MS Office then a Chromebook won’t be for you, though I don’t miss having them (I use Google’s alternatives at work and home).


Considered getting a good tablet with a keyboard instead? For most casual use they’re more than enough, and you can get Word/Excel/PowerPoint etc for them nowadays too.




Won’t be doing any of these


Do you need a disc drive?






few laptops come with CD/DVD drives these days, so your best bet is to grab a cheap USB cd/dvd drive off amazon for about 15 quid . just a tip


Buy online or in a store?


I got this around 6 months ago for around £350 and I’ve been pretty happy with it. Use it for basic internetting and some work stuff including fairly heavy data processing. I’ve found having a solid state hard drive makes a massive difference in terms of speed. The main drawback is that the hard drive is pretty small - I replaced the CD/DVD drive with a second hard drive.


*need it about