Laptop Purchase - Assistance Required 💻

Lenovo’s seem to always be a great option for value for money and options.

Microsoft Surface Pro or Book if you’re feeling well flash I guess.

Basically if you spend a decent amount you tend to get a good machine

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Yeah but most people* don’t actually need a “good machine”, right? A Chromebook would do everything they use a computer for with no issues.

*citation needed

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Oh sure but I mean more that I think the years when people built their own PC and hyper priced Macs have sort of convinced people that any expensive laptop is a rip off. And I don’t think it is. Much like cars I guess. Most people don’t need to spend big bucks but at least if someone buys a cheap car they don’t expect it to be amazing.

I bought my HP laptop on Black Friday a few years ago for £400 I think.

Probably spent a bit much on something that’s used for doing the online shopping and searching online for things that I want to look at slightly bigger than on my phone.

In a similar position to OP. Can you download torrents with a chromebook and does it have a good alternative to word then so I can continue to write my beat poetry?

definitely agree that a SSD is pretty much essential

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a) No (they have basically zero memory so you’d need an external hard drive)

b) Yes, Google Docs does pretty much everything Word does

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Go to HUKD and look at the latest laptop suggestions in that price bracket then read the comments about them and then calm down and then buy a suitable one. Much of a muchness innit.

And you need to use a chrome extension which somebody once told me exist. Maybe JSTorrent or something like that.