Laptop repair assistance

Laptop packed up a couple of weeks ago - it was just cutting out without warning and was dead as a door nail. Identified that it wasn’t overheating so a guy I know round the corner has had a look at it and replaced the motherboard and the internal power cable (?). He has had it twice and both times when I collected it from him he showed me it working fine… then I get it home and try to turn it on and it is totally dead.

Anyone got any ideas what the issue might be? Or where I should take it to get it sorted?

was it plugged in then/now? could just be a knackered battery?

He demo’d it both plugged in and running on battery: both worked fine…

maybe your house is haunted? :ghost:

I think it might be this
Should I call Derek Acorah?

reckon you should just call the bloke and ask for your money back

Probably ought to send him an email


turn it off and on again

Bowl of rice

Put it in a deep bowl of water. If it floats it’s a witch.

Was it on power at home or on battery only? May be worth plugging it in at Pret or Starbucks to rule out something with your house’s wiring?

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Have you got a new carpet at home?

I used to have a similar problem with mine - it was fine when the people in PC World looked at it but it cut out within 15 min of connecting to my home WiFi.

Hate to say it, but it’s probably fucked.