Laptops: a poll

  • Laptop
  • Tabletop
  • Arm of sofa
  • Floor
  • Other (tell me)

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Secondary probe: should they rename laptops? For the above poll’s inevitable result reason, but also because some younger people I know just think computers look like laptops. To them, a laptop is a computer, they know no other form.

Where is the bottom of your lap?

This guy’s deep.

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Perched on my belly while I’m reclining back in a way that is definitely going to fuck my back in later life.


Have they never seen the Mac Pro bin or cheesegrater?

Usually on my bed in front of me

Not good for your health/vitality/sperm count on your lap, is it?

I pop it on the sofa next to me or on the coffee table in front.

Now you tell me.

I’ve been balancing it on the tip of my penis.


I keep mine next to my prostate

That’s an incredibly strong penis you’ve got there, young man. Impressive.

That’s exactly why I do it. Can’t be too careful.


Just an incredibly effective advert for the new MacBook Air.


Last time you used a CD drive on a computer

  • Today
  • In the last week
  • In the last month
  • In the last year
  • Last decade
  • The 90s
  • Never

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Only use a laptop for work. iPad when I’m at home all the way.

Well irked my new laptop is sans disc drive

“what’s a computer?”

-dumb girl on that shit apple advert

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:musical_note: how deep is your lap? :musical_note:

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*Mark E Smith

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lap top,
table top,
arm of sofa