Laptops: a poll

On my lap but on a cushion, for maximum comfort internets

Didn’t think laptops could feel discomfort but ok

Colleague told me today that because she feels things deeply and is emotional she affects machinery around her and it is a thing. Is this a thing?




Unless your colleague’s got a microwave for a head, I suppose.

:smiley: it worked though as i sorted out her data spreadsheets.

People who never use laptops stress me out. Can’t imagine only ever using a tablet or phone :grimacing:


So much this. People have commented on my laptop use like it’s some old fashioned eccentricity but imagine having to type everything on your phone forever

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Dummy see the outlet

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*Don’t, *problem

I use my laptop all the time. Fuck typing on a screen.

Also do a lot of work and shit.

Yeah I need it for writing longform stuff but I also get a bit of RSI/carpal tunnel so even writing long messages or posts on a phone can get a bit uncomfortable. far more comfortable wasting an evening on the internet on yr laptop

Anyone else call it a Lappy-t?

  • Yes
  • Why?
  • Just Theo
  • No

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Nope, but I have a friend who’s named their ipad Paddy. Paddy’s a girl.

Probably last time I properly used iTunes, about 3 years ago