Large, currently useless things you own that you don't want to get rid of


I have this riso machine sat in the corner with some boxes stacked on top of it. Currently useless for printing, because I don’t have space. It probably also needs servicing, but considering it’s going to get moved again when I (finally) move next year, there’s no point. I’m not going to get rid of it though. It will be useful in the future.


(Not my photo, not my floor- google photo of the same model)


My wife owns a mannequin from 1940 that belonged to her Grandma. It lives in our living room. My wife doesn’t like it when I use it as a coat holder.


The metal headboard bit of my old bed frame in my living room. Really should get rid of it as it’s so ugly but it’s basically doubled how much washing I can dry at once


I’ve got a NAD record deck say underneath my bed. It needs a new stylus and probably a good old service, and I’ve no idea if either of these things are achievable at a sensible cost. Plus I’ve got no more than six or seven records under there gathering dust.

Also, until recently I had an Epiphone Les Paul sat in an understairs cupboard. Not necessarily useless but needed a good old service. I ended up selling it to a friend for £50 as a project.


Exercising Bike


Two large pieces of hardwood with a load of tennis ball sized holes cut into it, with associated tennis balls.
It was originally a noise isolating drum platform from when the drum kit was set up in the front room. Now the drums are in the garage and the two pieces of wood are just leaned up against the garage wall.


Inflatable kayak




Bike trainer that I’ve never used because apparently it won’t work with my quick-release wheels. Was going to change them to bolted ones but never got round to it.

In fact, my bike is a large, currently useless object as it’s sat in the hallway with a flat tire. Am I still allowed to post on here?


Do a swap with @Yesiamaduck?


A double bass. Definitely not useless, but I don’t really play it and it’s cumbersome to lug around.


A futon and a large black cloak both of which I have never used


I’ve got a drum kit that I haven’t used in 4+ years

can’t bring myself to get rid of it and takes up pretty much all of two big closets.


My penis.


A folding bike.


Has being a man of mystery not appealed to you then?


Marshall half-stack. I’ll get it serviced and working one day…


A bass that was a 21st birthday present that I don’t like as much as my other basses and never play. It’s in a massive hard case, too, to take up a bit more room.


I have worn the cloak around my flat, and I cant imagine they make cloaks like that anymore. If I sell it I will never be able to get one like it again.