Las Vegas

Who’s been to vegas??

Lets have some hotel recs and other recs.

Vegas baby wooooooooh

Been twice for some reason.

2 days absolutely max, any longer and you’ll go insane.

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5 days it is


The only place I have been to where the concept on time has been non-existent. Like an airport bar but 24/7 and in 40 degree heat.


Go get the platinum chip back off Benny.

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I only went for 24 hours. Stayed at the Luxor but wouldn’t recommend. Ate Shake Shack. Picked up a convertible mustang and got out of there quickly.

Been once for three days. It was…fine, but I have no desire to go back*.

Lots of cheap food and drink options. Lots of expensive shopping and shows/concerts options. I don’t gamble so that element was completely lost on me. Stayed at The Excalibur which was fun and kitsch - think it’s generally considered one of the older/more rubbish options on the strip but the room was huge and comfy so I was pleased. Watched the Ballagio fountains about a 100 times - they’re fun. All of the big hotels on the strip have a theme so they’re worth a look. For max indie points, I would probably stay in old town and get one of the free shuttle buses if I wanted to visit the strip.

*Although I would go to this if it was in any way possible:

U2 to Launch Las Vegas’ MSG Sphere With ‘Achtung Baby’ Shows – Rolling Stone

EDIT: you can do day trips to The Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon if you want to do some more real holidaying.

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I stupidly went there when I was 20 which means you can do about as much as toddler. The Rainforest Cafe is ok I suppose?

Bellagio fountains were good. Hoover dam and Grand canyon also. Saw a David Copperfield show, which is the most Vegas thing you can do outside of watching Elvis. He seemed like a bell but the show was good (go see a show basically).

Spent two nights there whilst driving from Chicago to LA a few years back and spent the whole time on the strip.

Easily one of the worst places I’ve ever been to, the whole strip lacks any kind of human empathy and feels designed to rip you off at every corner.

Pavements force you into casinos when they just end, and you then get lost trying to find your way out of the casino, and end up in there for ages just trying to find an exit.

Knew dis wasn’t the correct place for this question tbf.

I think i’ll like it.

I know that as long as you keep playing you get free drinks, so my advice is keep playing.

Gamble! Roulette, blackjack, cribbage, they’ve got the lot

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I loved it, it’s basically a theme park but the theme is getting drunk and losing all your money.

Haven’t been since we got married there in 2016 but absolutely loved:

Kiss Mini Golf at the Rio

The Evil Dead Musical at the Tommy Wynd Theatre (not sure it’s still running but was great fun if it is)

The Double Down Saloon - just off the strip, punk rock dive bar with cheap beer and decent bands. We saw the Blue Man Group’s backing band do a set of psych / krautrock with two drummers. Mad

The Neon Graveyard was great, loads of old neon signs from the golden age

Hotel bar crawl, love badly themed restaurants and stuff so it was great fun just strolling through and taking in the ‘ambience’

It’s worth hiring a car so you can get out of the city in the day or you will go bonkers. We loved driving through the desert and visited Hoover Dam and Red Rock Canyon which was awesome.


Also go and see someone do a residency. Doesn’t matter who. We saw Elton John, I don’t give an hoot about most of his music but he was INCREDIBLE.

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I’m going to go to zak bagens haunted museum.

We had a fun time there, and neither of us gamble. The whole town is such an assault on the senses that just wondering round aimlessly and stumbling on stuff provides plenty of entertainment.

The buffets are good - think we ate at the MGM one where we stayed (hotel is fine but probably more interesting options) and the one at the Parisian which was decked out like a kitsch French village with different regions of France represented. Google says the latter’s ‘temporarily closed’ so dunno, but it’s good tacky fun if it re-opens.

Loved the helicopter rides over Lake Mead, Hoover Dam & Grand Canyon.

Needed a few days in the desert after to decompress.

i also went to see elton on his residency, so much fun.

Have been 3 times and always for work, and always for the week.

Las Vegas is a fucking ridiculous place but once you get past that it’s a lot of fun. Good restaurants, good bars, great shows etc. Downtown las vegas/freemont street is great fun as well.

Take a day trip to hoover dam or the grand canyon.
Lat time we were there we went to see Penn & Teller which was brilliant and the first time i went i got to see Siegfried and Roy and it was fucking amazing. :slight_smile:

So yeah daft, brash and fun. Glad the company paid for it and not me mind :grinning:

I thought this but it’s hard to get a drink! Like you have to really seek out a server.

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Can I come? Really fancy it.