And this thread also serves as your periodic reminder of the Italian international striker who is named Kevin Lasagna. A fact that I genuinely believe should be on the front page of most of the main newspapers every day.


Start making tea at the normal time, but it’s lasagne so we’re eating at half 10 by which time we’ll be smashed and have filled up on snacks

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I was going to make a bolognese but might make a lasagne instead for #dislasagneday

Yeah! lasagne IS good.



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Been eating lasagne all week, as it happens. Made that Mornay extra cheesey, using a technique I like to call, adding more cheese.


The ONLY time that garlic bread is an essential, rather than enjoyable addition.

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I have it on good authority that the Wembley Lasagne will be red white and blue.


My mum lines the dish with halloumi


The next thing I want to tackle, 100% feels like a Sunday job though

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Feel like @weeber needs to attend the thread


How many layers of pasta are we going for? I generally go 3, but if I’ve made enough bechamel will sometimes go a cheeky 4, makes every portion a tower of power

I don’t understand why people make bechamel sauce for lasagne when they could make mornay sauce.
With mustard and herbs :yum:


Any recommendations for a good pasta machine? We’ve got an ancient cheap old thing that barely turns and could really do with an upgrade.

That is beautiful

i have had exactly one machine and probably used it a total of 10 times so far, but from the research i did before it seemed like the best one without going super pricey, has a long (10 year?) guarantee and so far I love it!

plus you can get it in a bunch of fun colours if you want to pay a little extra


Weird how restaurant lasagne is always bad

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I want to buy a really deep dish so I can make ten layer lasagne


I’ve never ordered it, it must be good in some places though?

Suppose the thing is that good restaurants will cook their pasta dishes to order, whereas lasagne has to be done in big batches and reheated? Idk

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That looks bang-on, cheers!

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