Laser eye surgery 👀

There’s a lot of lethargy in my life and this extends to my left eye which has about half the vision it should. Everything is blurry and has been for as long as I can remember. The glasses, they do nothing, so I’ve been contemplating y’know actually getting my eye sorted with the power of lasers. Is this a good thing? Have you had eye surgery? Is it a short term fix? Talk to me and let’s help this cyclops turn into a biclops(?!)

This is now the

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Don’t all clamber at once lads.

I don’t understand how you can keep your head still enough.




Will you be using these new laser eyes for good or evil?

  • Good
  • Evil

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Mostly evil.

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I know quite a few people who’ve had it done, and they’ve only said good things.

I’d definitely consider getting it done. Apparently I can technically get a discount through work, because of some linked company.


Cheers orch. I’m assuming this is something that the NHS are reluctant to pay for?

This isn’t far off actually! I had PRK in 2000 (that they no longer offer) they could only do one eye at a time as it took weeks to heal properly and although the procedure itself didn’t hurt at all (the burning smell was a tad disconcerting though), the following day, oh my, it was like someone sticking a lit match in my eyeball!

Also, although my myopia has not returned my astigmatism has worsened (and I now need reading glasses as I’m old) so I’m back to wearing specs pretty much all the time.

However, I believe the procedures are now a lot better and you can now get both eyes done at the same time and have 20/20 vision by the end of the day. Although you are still likely to need reading glasses eventually as that is down to your eye muscles as opposed to your lenses.


Ooft this sounds promising. Keep remembering that Wowcher have deals on laser eye surgery which seems ludicrous quite frankly but may be my saviour here.

I think your eyes need to be properly messed up for that. Mine are -5.50 / -5.75 which is bad enough that when I get new glasses I have to wait a week or two for the lenses to come into stock, but that’s not bad enough to get it on the NHS.

Okey dokey, I mean I can’t read anything out of my left eye unless it’s around a cm away from my mush so I’d say that’s pretty shitted up? Will go see the gp/optician and see what they say.

I know it’s well safe but I have a pure fear of lasers in my eye burning my retinas. Also my vision is still getting worse somehow so don’t think I’m stable enough for it to be worthwhile.

Yeah, looks bare good fam.


odd, I was going to make a similar thread

I don’t have to have laser eye but I have an eye condition which means I have to have a crosslinking procedure. I am not excited

What is?

sounds like they have to expose my cornea to uv light ior something

Oh wow. Clearly I haven’t put any research into this.