Laser hair removal


crazy that you can now just be perma smooth innit?

Anyone done it? Anyone been mutated by the laser beams? Or found it a pleasant experience that has left them virtually frictionless?

Alternatively, if I were to give you a wad of cash to remove any hair you like, what would you opt to do?

Laser hair removal.


Salon near where I used to live got a pavement sign made up, but they tried to cram too much into one space, so it made it look like they offered laser tanning.


Erm, hate to break it to you dude but…


You know where this road leads.


The really thin one that grows out of the end of my nose that you can only see in certain lights that always returns despite multiple pluckings.


Get an occasional monobrow, would laser that shit in a heartbeat


My nose (both top and inside)

My ears


and then I’d probably get aggpass’s hairy arse done


YES nose hairs is a great shout. What if they laser wrong and hit your brain though


I do have quite a hairy bum. It’s like my shits are marbles in a game of kerplunk


i would absolutely laser tan if it didn’t sound so dangerous


They do a very thorough job, but may fry all your internal organs.


I, for one, would not be comfortable beaming powerful lasers onto my ballsack


Mate of mine was telling me recently that he’d done it. I’m probably going to give it a go too.


Permanent tramlines in your eyebrow?


what a world.


Is it permanent?


…that’s the point?


Some treatments aren’t permanent though. Electrolysis claims to be permanent, but usually isn’t.

I’d go for my ears and my nose, and my shoulders, I think.


Fuck yeah just do both my legs already