Last chance U

New series, new school. New coach might be even more of a walloper than the last one. English teacher is great. Bloody great telly innit

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Yeah this is great. Coach smoking a cigar and stuff in the hot tub, ‘coaching is overrated’ etc was Brent like magnificence


Episode 4 is fully incredible loss of a wig

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Rakeem Boyd has very kind eyes

I know absolutely nothing about American football, but find the whole college set up fascinating. How likely is it that any of those kids will actually make it?

What channel is this on?

A few of them have the talent. Quite a lot of NFL players have dropped into junior college and got back. Would imagine Boyd, Henry and Calvin Jackson will end up at least playing in Canada or on an NFL practice squad


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Cheers :+1:

Cool so it is achievable, it just seems mental like 60000 watching them play, sponsorship deals etc it all just seems like a massive bubble waiting to burst and for them to be discarded after they don’t reach their potential

Bobby Bruce was the most interesting character, hope he manages to make something out of himself

Hoping the lass who was the councillor/school nagger went on to better things

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Oh they absolutely are. It’s horrifically exploitative and even at the top D1 level you go from 100+ colleges to 32 NFL teams, the vast majority of players will never be paid to play

Actual real life tammy Taylor. She was really great


Still, coach has three cadillacs so

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Weird how she was able to Build a bond with the kids. Probably helped by he male/female stereotypes of the caring mom and drill instructor/screaming coach… weird how that’s a thing

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Fucking hell that’s insane

Wow, never realised this… or maybe the drawing conveys it much more powerfully

Yeah, love this. Haven’t watched all of season 3 yet, but seen the other two. The new coach in season 3 is an absolute tool though and he is starting to get on my nerves, thinking he’s the best thing ever. When they speak to the QB coach, it’s quite sad how much they are taking advantage of him and I feel there is a lot more backstory to him. The head coach though, jeez how much he even berates the other coaches is beyond unprofessional. I really hope he gets smacked at one point, by player or coach.

Did anybody see the after review of the players from season 1 and 2? What a downer that ended on