Last daily thread of this godforsaken year

Let’s get this over and done with

Anyone working? Anyone doing anything nice later?


Working today audit

  • Aye

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(No way am I doing a full day though)

Good morning @rob.orch, good morning @roastthemonaspit, good morning DiS, and many happy returns of the day to Psy from the gangnam style; to Gabby Douglas from the pummel horse, uneven bars and stuff; and to Malcolm Middleton from the arab strap. I hope we’re all excited to honour the anniversary of the declaration of Ottawa as capital of the true north strong and free, as well as the sad passing of Holy Roman Emperor Commodus - son of Marcus Aurelius - gone too soon just one-thousand, eight-hundred and twenty-eight years ago today, so sad too soon just want to run to you. We can all join hands as one across the world today in celebration of Hogmanay, the International Solidarity Day of Azerbaijanis, Novy God, First Night, Ōmisoka, and/or Bisperás ng Bagong Taón. I’m off for one sleeps til steak pie huns wot bounce u xoxox


I’m “working” until 12:30.


It’s a beautiful morning in the West Country

Got a whole lot of nothing planned for the day


Ending as all the best middle class families to by dragging the kids up and out to a NT property then home for an afternoon of them attached to screens guilt free.

Party dinner, asleep by 10 in front of the telly.


Boiler repair man is coming today. Hooray


Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Definitely gonna take the tree down today

I started watching Hamilton on Disney + last night. I can’t seem to follow what they’re saying though. It’s very fast paced for my little brain

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I found the same but you do get into it. Like the Wire :smiley:

Also, I found the if you saw this at the theatre you wouldn’t be googling who everyone was attitude helped me to not worry overly about tracking every character

10 to 14 at the bookshop, not too bad.

Staying under a blanket



I tried to watch it too, didn’t get it, switched it off

Going to the tip. What a way to celebrate.

Super cold dog walk.

Local Indian and horror movie.

Bed by 10.

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I’m at work, 6am to 6pm, hectic.

Stay in please this evening as boring as that may sound, lets get the hospitals clear again.

Happy New Year.


Working today but the exciting news is the plasterer is coming to do some ceilings so by the end of the day, we’ll have made some real strides on the new house.

Always feel a bit uncomfortable at this time of year, but having lots of DIY to balance with WFH is very helpful. Keep reminding myself that time is a made up thing really but still somehow also feel strange about whether I did “enough” the previous year etc.

Standard work day for me

Jefferson was easily my favourite. Turns out he’s now in an experimental hip-hop called Clipping. Their latest album is described as ‘horrorcore’ which I’m not sure is my thing! But I might give it a listen when the girls aren’t about.

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Big Sam?