Last filth thread of the year

A year relatively filth devoid for me :’(

Cum on 2021


I was able to do some sexy things for the first time in 2020

  • Yes
  • No

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I’m having a poo as I type. It’s cool with me if you’re into this.


As I said in another thread, I picked the worst time to become even somewhat confident in myself as a filth-adjacent / romantical person

If this is the sort of good fortune you want between yr sheets, hmu

I’m not. Thank you though.

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Tested myself more times for STDs than I did coronavirus, which sums me up pretty well doesn’t it.

  • Got tested for STIs
  • Got tested for Coronavirus
  • Both
  • Neither

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Spent all day thinking today is a Friday. Feels like a Friday doesn’t it. Who wants a feel?


Technically if I count New Year’s Day morning

That does count, it was this year!

36, he is

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Excuse me?

It sounded funny how you worded it that 2020 might have been the year you first did something sexy xxx

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No I am not 36. You have AGED me


  • Beloved by centrists
  • Beloved by facists
  • Beloved by leftists

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there’ve been times this year where I’ve felt desirable and I wish I could have shared those times with others

think the most comfortable I’ve felt close to somebody at all in my adult life was the other week when I hung out with a friend and we platonically cuddled up, really

I think I fancy them, and I reckon they fancy me too, but they’re seeing somebody?

but we talked about how non-sexual physical intimacy can be something friends can engage in too

they are nb and queer; I feel like most cishet people might not get this ^ ?

it was nice though. I want to cuddle up with them again. feeling safe and comfortable is something I’ve not experienced since I was a kid.


It’s been a tough year

Keep oscillating between only being interested in sharing a bed with the person I love, and wanting like 5 people in different bits of me all pumping away (after vaccinations)


5 person pumping here

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