Last fm Pointless challenge


The challenge: to find a band/artist completely forgotten by 2017 - as defined by their artist profile on last fm showing zero plays for the last 7 days.

Has to be a proper band with records/signed to a label etc, preferably one other Dissers can vaguely remember from the dark recesses of their memory.

Surprisingly hard, and goes to show that no matter how peripheral a band was and how much time has passed, there’s still someone somewhere in the world who apparently still remembers them.

I started off with Menswe@r, but it turns out they’re still way too popular. Gay Dad, Regular Fries, Bennet, Geneva, My Life Story & Terris all unbelievably still getting spins. Even Trashmonk whose album I found and threw out before Christmas from the arse end of the Creation roster have had a few plays in the last week.

Thought I’d cracked it with Ten Benson - pushed by the NME in the early 00s, but denied by one solitary click somewhere in the last 7 days.

Finally remembered Mower - signed to Graham Coxon’s label, NME single of the week once & the epitome of that Camden Good Mixer scene at the point where it had descended into total self caricature. They share a last fm page with a US metal band of the same name who did get listened to recently - but Mower UK - no plays!

Don’t know if this idea has legs or not but it was fun trying to think of potential bands. Any others lost to history and/or landfill?


Mower UK played at our pub the other day. Someone came down from Manchester to London to see them.


Viva Brother with 19 plays in the past week. Incredible.


Wow. I can’t believe they’re still going, and even more that someone on DiS came into contact with them so recently. Amazing! :grinning:


yeah it’s pretty tough, loads of bands with 2 or 3 plays in the last 7 days.

Zero plays in the last 7 days:
Make Model - they had that track The LSB



They introduced us to Charlotte Hatherley, who left the band to join Ash and more recently played with KT Tunstall and Bat For Lashes.


even justin hawkins’ godawful post-the darkness project hot leg have had 4 plays in the last 7 days.

his solo venture, british whale (best known for their cover of sparks’ 1974 classic “this town ain’t big enough for the both of us”), is a pointless answer, however.


Honestly, it’s been a proper eye opener tvdenimchap! It’s also quite addictive.

The only nervy moment was when i typed in Gay Dad then clicked the icon before the page finished loading properly and it jumped and I inadvertently clicked on a ‘gay singles’ ad that last fm loaded where I pressed. Cue quick backpedal.


Pink Kross

Scottish all-female punkers who recorded a Peel session in 1995. Mostly famous for giving a very young Biffy Clyro their debut gig as support act. Saw them in London supporting Idlewild in the late 90s.


Frigid Vinegar -

Was a Mark and Lard single of the week. No plays over the past 7 day, only 1 in the last 30.


Some great work so far. I now kind of want to listen to some of these mentioned, but I’m going to destroy their fragile obscurity if I do.

Monkey Steals The Drum were one of the early pointless answers I got - Ormskirk’s biggest band since…probably Ormskirk’s biggest band ever actually. They did a Peel session, but I’m not sure they ever got fully signed, so I didn’t allow myself them.


no plays in the last 7 days for peter jones funded pop-rockers hamfatter!


Yes!!! This is the winner so far. Terrific work @allnerve :smiley:


The Nicotines:

Had a song that was on a Q Magazine free CD called “Mary Wanna”. Very subtle. No plays in the last 7 days


I owned that single! Yikes.


This is fucking difficult. I’ve been trawling all those post-big-beat names that the NME used to love in the late 90s… turns out that some people are still listening to Campag Velocet.


just for balance, peter jones’ other musical protege and sauce magnate levi roots has had 1 play in the last week!


Electric Sound Of Joy

Instrumental electronica with hints of Air and Stereolab.

Started out on the Earworm label, received plaudits from the NME and the Independent, recorded a Peel session and released one, highly recommended self-tiled album in 1999. And even played the Reading Festival before fading into obscurity.




…of the utterly awesome Sonic Mook Experiment 2: Future Rock & Roll compilation.