Who’s on it? Does anyone care any more?

What should my 200,000th scrobble be?

  • Loreen - Euphoria (most listened to song ever)
  • Clor - Outlines (2nd most listened to song ever)
  • Metronomy - Night Owl (most listened to song in the last year)
  • The Pointer Sisters - Automatic (just a really good song if we’re honest)
  • A Radiohead song (most listened to band ever)

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weaning myself off it cos i’ve got one of them mp3 players now and it doesn’t scrobble

What kind of mp3 player. I didn’t know they were still a thing.


I’m too deep in the ecosystem to quit :frowning: I don’t want my scrobbles to become meaninglesss


sony walkman nwz a15

any benefit over using a phone to listen to music?

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probably not but
i really hate using touchscreens to browse music libraries
better battery life and doesn’t overheat when i use it for too long
better sound quality according to nerds, i can’t really tell though


281k scrobbles :smiley:
Radiohead just inches ahead of Biosphere in my all time scrobbles. And Natalie Imburglia’s Shiver my most listened to song…

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Usually, they have better amps and dacs than your average smart phone but you won’t really notice this unless you have high-end cans. Also, you don’t blitz your phones battery or storage. But to own a standalone mp3 player is very niche now.

Ooof, listening to Shiver now. Haven’t listened to that album in yonks.

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Enjoying the last week feature alot

It’s the perfect pop song

oi oi

I’m on it. Guess my name.

Yep.sheeldz’s Music Profile |

I write blog posts every year about my listening habits. I am actually writing a 2017 one right now. Read last years here.


Enjoyed this.
Also, listening to Loscil as I type :ok_hand: