Gonna be stalking this today to see what I should be listening to :smiley:

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There are only two accounts I use wonton for; here’s the other

the first 4999 usernames were taken :frowning:

Just scanning through in case I need to save face. Don’t be fooled by the 2k scrobbles of my own music :joy:

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Finally managed to get most of my scrobbles to work this year, meaning I only recently passed 100K, in July, I think, My 100,000th track was our first dance.


When I first got Sonos I eagerly linked it up to as many services as it would work with, including As a result it was sullied within months by my wife’s and son’s listening. 100+ plays of the Cars soundtrack doesn’t really reflect what I’m about.


Euphoria it is. Which is lucky, as I quite want to listen to Euphoria.

I have been on since the Audioscrobbler days, it could be over 10 years now. 82000 scrobbles. In the early days I still listened to a lot on CD, and it got nothing from mp3 players, but I still racked up the listens from mp3s on my computer, and later when I used that as a CD player hooked up to speakers. Really came into its own when I got my first phone with mp3 and internet. The top listens is interesting, some are really outdated now. I can’t get it to work with Spotify for some reason.

It would be amazing for kids to have always had it set up for every device and chronicle their lives through it. You can filter down into each song and find out the exact first listen for example, or find top songs per year.

Mine’s been annoyingly double scrobbling from itunes for a while now and I’m not sure why.


I’d like to follow more of you, please post your links


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eviljamie felt like a cool name in 2004.

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Go for it! x

You lot have been using Last FM a lot longer than me

Obsessivly recording my music listening since 2007 (which is about how old that photo is)

You already follow me.

Can’t wait to beat you all in the weekly stats report

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everything scrobbles twice with my bluetooth earphones so divide those ones by 2

About half my scrobbles these days are work-in-progress versions of my own tracks… :upside_down_face: