Last friday before santa day (friday thread)

Last day of work for me! Kind of mixed feelings for me to be honest on the one hand Woooooo no work for a week… on the other hand… fuck I’ve been underpaid by 200pounds… christmas is ruined.

Not the best morning ever I have to say! Hope to get it sorted out today. But other than that I’m in fairly high spirits, hows you

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I’m tired ducky, I’m tired. Up at 4am for work for 5am. #loveit

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Morning ducks, morning Rich. I too am up early, but I’ve cracked out the world’s best Christmas socks today so all is good.


Means u finish early doe? Right?


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3pm maybe




Up. Feeling better than I was but still dodgy. Xmas party later, might well not go at this rate.

6music currently playing Frank and Walters which is cheering me right up mind.

Getting a train north, haven’t booked seats. It’s going to be carnage.


Tidying up the (hopefully) last few bits and bobs of work before I knock off until the new year.

Heading into London after lunch to meet a client for a drink, after which I’ll be showing my ugly mug at the DiS drinks.


Don’t mind me, I’m just crying a bit after seeing the Dogs Trust ‘a dogs for life, not just for Christmas’ advert :disappointed_relieved:

@anon73286315 I hope your money situation gets sorted! Fingers crossed for you.

I’m working Mon and Tues next week and then I’m off until 6th Jan. Can’t wait to spend time with my loved ones although I’m also a bit anxious about Christmas Day as it always tends to get a bit stressy at points.

Happy Last Day of Work to everyone whose off now till after the big day!


Hiya. I’m off for Christmas now. Still woke up at 6am as per usual though.

Gonna drink some coffee, probably buy some wanker beers, make some music and piss about on Dis. Great day.


Hi! Today is, as always, my Monday. Not happy about it, not happy at all.

£116 to dress up as a Clown on their day off?


Hip is killing me still from that tree planting day. Woke up with the worst headache and I’m half an hour late for work. Eugh.

Got M’s omnious version of O Holy Night in my head

Night falls down your knees
Fall down the water drain
There’s nothing…
In the forest


Hi ducky & etc

Really sucks you were underpaid @anon73286315 :frowning:

I had absolutely no internet connection last night which was awful and lonely (especially getting a load of awful texts from my ex and not being too vent to anybody) but also good because I played lots of switch I land read a good amount uninterrupted.

Got to do all of the wrapping today but in theory today is less busy and stressful than the last few.

Wish I could be going to the DiS meet tonight, hope everyone there has a great time.

Like for M’s O Holy Night, not the rest. Hope hip and headache issues get better x

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Work is gonna be an absolute grind today innit. Just get me to the DiS drinks already.

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Early Robert Smith etc… Actually probably didn’t need work. Pretty perfect as is.


Last day of work

Should be able to finish at lunchtime IF I get my work finished on time, though that’s a hell of an IF

In bad news though I think I’m getting ill just in time for Christmas :frowning:

The next line make it creepier: ‘what are we going to do?’ But this is just her segue into a Frozen song and I didnt want to sully the pure non-Frozen lyrics

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