Last Friday I went into the office and it is own clothes day

on Fridays and a lady I had never met before looked me up and down and then said “I guess it’s dress down day”.
Maybe I was dressing up!

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Did you ever go into school on non uniform day in uniform

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Whose clothes did you go in?

Oh shit

Cheeky edit!

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I never dress up for tag days or special clothes days in solidarity with the kids in my class who come in and cry about being in school uniform.


my colleague said I had nice hair yesterday

I got well anxious about non uniform day when I was a teenager

like just let me where the uniform - no one can randomly take the piss out of random details of the uniform

she was flirting with you you spade! you could be banging right now

Last Friday I went into work in uniform as I have to go into work every day wearing my uniform.

No but I was called out for wearing my Body Count t-shirt more than once

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