Last Friday of October

Had a dream about the sexiest person of modern times, no, not you I’m afraid (you’re second) but super babe E R Fightmaster.

Off to Glastonbury today, m hasn’t seen her family for 2 years so pretty exciting/overwhelming. Also means 2 years since one of those fit pasties from the bakery under the arches at temple meads.

Staying in Bristol on Sunday night. Tips please.

How’s your day and weekend looking?

Morning Scouty! Morning all!

It’s very grey again down here. Got a pretty busy day lined up which isn’t great but just found out one of my best friends who contracted sepsis when she gave birth this week and nearly died has just gone home from hospital so thats nice, gonna plan a trip to Bath to see them I think.

Weekend is looking lovely as I have no plans whatsoever.


Morning @Scout et al!

Absolutely cannot believe I’ve been edged into Third Sexiest position by all the other peoples.

Today is a day of marking and essay deadlines. The Child has some kind of Halloween pyjama party at nursery.

I’m making a cauliflower daal later but need to get some naan bread.


Morning. Had a dream I was being chased by michael myers who made this weird sort of autotune noise, quite horrifying. Got a meeting today which i’m partly dreading but which it seems like the outcome of has already been decided. Reckon i’ll probably be in the pub by 2pm. Then got a weekend of nice halloweeny things to look forward to :jack_o_lantern: woo.


That’s great news.

Hey, funky, yesterday in a particularly trendy part of town one of the many middle class families walked past me and the dad, who had some sort of non descript accent like he was trying not be northern or was perhaps from London, it was generic I work in TV accent anyway, well he said… “Where’s that to?”

How do you feel about this? I was utterly appalled at his appropriation and feel like he’s ruined everything I love in this world.



Not much planned today. Am currently dealing with all the emails in my inbox that I’ve been putting off all week. Got butter chicken and samosas for dinner, both of which I’ve already made :yum:

Sky looks nice this morning, though this photo doesn’t really do it justice


You’re right to feel this way and if there’s any justice in the world then this man will come to serious harm.


And yet there you go, appropriating Lamarr Lemar (apologies)

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*Lemar. You MONSTER.


ah sorry! I got him mixed up with Mark Lamarr, for shame.


It’s happened to all of us at some point.



Putting on a a gig later (Sennen). Before that I’ll have breakfast in town, then I’ve got the dentist. After that I’ll hit the gym and pool. Mostly a good day.


Morning sugarlumps

Well, another day of staying in. Got an antibody test to do and apparently am allowed to go out to post that 🤷

Watched Space Jam last night. Still processing, there was a LOT going on.

Bristol? Well everything is excellent of course. Bristol museum is somewhere M would love I’d imagine and free! The mshed also free and great.

Stay away from Cabot Circus area and keep to Gloucester Road/Park Street X

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Morning all. Today I have work, a flu jab and an opticians appointment. Might treat myself to a pint or two after all that excitement.

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Got the kids today. Don’t know what to do. Feel rough.
Debating going to Poole or Southampton……
Quite fancy a stroll around an IKEA with 2 disenterested kids in tow….but covid. Eurgh

  • IKEA will be fine
  • Ummm, dude, the coronavirus, hello!

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Go to Poole Park instead. I mean, unless there’s something you need from IKEA.

think I might be getting a coffee with a friend today which is the highlight of my week :relaxed:


Super intense work week just about coming to an end. Going to sleep SO WELL tonight. Alone here for the weekend as well. Heading home next week! Then it’s all festival work for most of Nov and then I’m moving to the farm! :star_struck:


Rain on the window. Can tell by the sound of it that it’s gonna be one of those permanently grey and raining all day days. Cba.