Last hurdle banal



anyone still about? here another half hour… might make a coffee… might not


i’m at home already

waiting until it’s time to cook

dreading my week long work trip next week


Ten minutes till I log off. Might have a quick text around to see if anyone’s about for a pint before I get the train to London


yeah, hi

need to go to liverpool street after work. it’s very close. so close it’s hardly worth cycling there. might push my bicycle.

also, i’m not taking any normal clothes with me this weekend, is it going to be odd if we get to the travelodge and then go for a pint in lycra? probably won’t do this but.


whatcha cookin gp


as long as you wear your helmet to the bar it should be fine


not really, dots did this in amsterdam and it was fine


couldn’t take it anymore, cracked a beer at my desk #yolo


Busy doing business atm. Hiring, firing, perspiring etc.
Belated byron house preseason drinks tonight though

  • hiring
  • firing
  • perspiring
  • belated byron


this really belongs in the evening thread but

brown pasta with spicy tomato sauce for the tv, and a veggie patty and a tomato salad for me. might throw in some mozza but i already had one and a half donuts today.


I’m probs going to be in Oundle for a couple of hours before A arrives. Will obviously be drinking in lycra for the duration


yeah sorry that was a bit too interesting a question for a banal thread


£6/£5 NUS?


i think the bigger problem is… i don’t think there’s anywhere near this travelodge for a pint. might have to walk in lycra :open_mouth:


On a bus again. Just booked basketball and Alcatraz tickets for San Francisco. Got two nights of camping at a campsite that doesn’t have showers coming up. :astonished:




Bag of cans on the pavement


thinking about dinner. might get a takeaway. but what takeaway?