Last hurdle banal

I’m only in training but I did nothing today of any value. Is this work?

this is life

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might combine yours at @profk’s suggestion. chinese pizza?

Couldn’t be arsed doing any more work after about 2pm. Gonna get stuff to make tofu stir fry.

but still trying not to be a doughnut

it does but that’s innovation for you

bad cheese mate. wouldn’t do it.

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  • tofu
  • stuff

Is it too late to have coffee? I want coffee.

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Here until 9 Japes. Here until 9 :worried:



No, I’m rich-t

Thanks, I am now caffeinated.

I left work early so I could go to the pub.

I left work so early that I’ve had time to get home and have a sit down before going back out to the pub.

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Golden State vs Phoenix Suns on 8th October. Will be there from 7th to 12th


Would love that!

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just moved into my new place - got the internet installed at the same time. obviously did the traditional post moving in speed test and fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck

about to start work, fresh in from Dublin, homeless this weekend, gonna be great.

Christ, you might go through all of the porn with that download speed. Like, all of it.

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already downloaded that new Jurassic park movie. not gonna watch it obvs, but took under a minute to download :heart_eyes: