Last joke you heard or read


Heard - There’s only two excuses for wearing a baseball cap backwards. 1) if you’re a sniper. 2) if you’re giving your friend a blowjob.

Read - zxcvbnm’s No Bell joke.


Heard: What is a penguin’s favourite relative? Aunt Arctica
Read: Dunno




Read: What is a penguin’s favourite relative? Aunt Arctica

Heard: dunno


What shoes do penguins wear on ice?


Read off the back of a penguin biscuit earlier this week.


One came to me in the shower this morning, let’s see if it works:

How many Conservatives does it take to change a lightbulb?

None - if the bulb is broken, the private sector will fix it.


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Was watching the Mike Hookem interview at lunch and the closed caption person transcribed “jacket off” to “jacking off”.

There’s no punchline here, it just made my laugh and I was having lunch with my very prim and proper boss at the time and had an awkward time explaining why I’d just guffawed into my fish and chips.


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i think it’s quite fitting here, tbh


Knock knock

Who’s there


Europe who?

No, you’re a poo!


how did you get acess to the transcripts of the brexit negotiations?


Non, vous etes merde